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Burger Bar with Nachos and Cheese

Our Burger Bar features perfectly cooked hamburgers made with our fresh ground chuck. We’ll include all the popular fixin’s, but let our catering department know if you would like something special. Served with some fantastic nachos and cheese. This catered lunch will be a sure crowd please for your next event or employee luncheon. [schema type="review" url="" name="3 catering customers" description="Burger Bar with all the fixins served with nachos and cheese" rev_name="burger bar" rev_body="burger bar" author="3 catering customers" pubdate="2014-06-18" user_review="5" min_review="1" max_review="5" ]...
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Our Delicious Sub Sandwiches

If you looking for something different from the run of the mill fast food chains, then stop by Valenti's for lunch and grab a delicious sub sandwiches. Large variety of sandwiches include Italian, Meatball, Reuben, Bratwurst, 15 to choose from. [schema type="review" url="" name="Deli Sub" description="Valenti's Delicious Deli Sub Sandwiches" rev_name="Deli Sub" rev_body="Deli Sub" author="21 customers" pubdate="2014-06-19" user_review="5" min_review="1" max_review="5" ]...
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Cucumber Turkey Croissant with cheese tortellini pasta

Cucumber Turkey Croissant with cheese tortellini pasta

This is a tasty alternative to your boring, run-of-the-mill sandwich that you bring for lunch. Freshly sliced cucumbers (yes, they are in season) topped our signature turkey breast all on a scrumptious croissant.  Served with our cheese tortellini pasta. It's a lunch packed full of flavor and freshness.   [schema type="product" url="" name="Cucumber Turkey Croissant" description="freshly sliced cucumbers, with our signature turkey breast served on a delicious croissant" brand="Valenti's" manfu="Valenti's" model="Cucumber Turkey Croissant" prod_id="Cucumber Turkey Croissant" single_rating="5" agg_rating="8" condition="New" ]...
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Whole Pork Butts / Sliced into Pork Steaks

Whole Pork Butts Sliced into Pork Steaks

A True St. Louis Favorite

If you live in the St. Louis area, then you have enjoyed a backyard BBQ featuring the wonderful Pork Steak.  Pork steaks are a delicious, affordable steak and can be prepared quickly or very slowly and have amazingly different – but all very tasty – results.  At Valenti's we will slice your whole pork butt into pork steaks for free, thick or thin, large or small, all to your liking.  They will be perfect for grilling on the BBQ!  

Whole Pork Butts / Pork Steaks are a St. Louis Tradition

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