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Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Breast

Our Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Breast is pack full of flavor.  Topped with our freshly made cherry tomato and feta cheese vinaigrette.  Our side include tender asparagus perfectly cooked....
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Burger Bar

Our Burger Bar features perfectly cooked hamburgers made with our fresh ground chuck.  We'll include all the popular fixin's, but let our catering department know if you would like something special.  Served with our homemade red skin potato salad.   This catered lunch will be a sure crowd please for your next event or employee luncheon....
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Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Perfectly sized for any meal!

These fresh bonless skinless chicken breast are large,plump and provide a great value for outdoor grilling, summer parties and family meals. Our chicken breast portions cook quickly and evenly and are easy to store and prepare.

Customer love our fresh boneless skinless chicken breast

Valentis fresh chicken breastEach Chicken Breast is hand trimmed Valentis fresh Grade A chicken breastPrepared from USDA grade A poultry Valentis Fresh Bonless Skinless Chicken BreasCan be Individually wrapped, The perfect solution for your next meal. Enjoy fresh boneless skinless chicken breast, great...
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