Monthly Archives: January 2015

Seasoned Burgers and Ground Chuck for Chili

What would a Super Bowl be without burgers?! We've done all the work, and prepared a perfectly seasoned ground beef burger ready for the grill. Great for your Super Bowl party. Just put them on the BBQ, enjoy a cold drink and grill to your definition of perfection! On sale now for just $1.99! It's probably going to be cold outside for a while, so why not warm up with some chili made with our famous Ground Chuck? Our Ground Chuck is made from the freshest beef, perfectly seasoned and ready to be cooked and made into a delicious chili. Only $3.99/lb!...
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For the Grill – Chicken Kabobs and Filet Mignon

Ready for the Grill, our Chicken Kabobs and Filet Mignon are perfect for you Super Bowl Party! Made with the freshest seasoned chicken and perfect beef cuts, these two meaty treats will be the life of the party and are sure to keep you and your guests happy for the whole game!...
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