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Baby Back Ribs

Valenti's Baby Back ribs originate from the blade and center section of the pork loin, which is known for the “finger meat” between the bones. Our Back ribs are taken from younger hogs that average 250lbs and are referred to as “baby” back ribs because they are smaller than spareribs. A rack typically weighs between 1 ½ and 1 ¾ pounds. Ribs are commonly prepared with either “wet” or “dry.” Ribs rubbed with a mixture of herbs and spices are called dry ribs. Such rubs can be applied just before barbecuing. Ribs basted with sauces during the barbecuing process are called wet ribs. For best results, brush ribs generously during the last 30 minutes of cooking.

Baby Back Ribs Cooking Tips:

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Ground Chuck

Order our Ground Chuck which is only $2.88lb for 5lbs with a purchase of $20.00. There is a 10lb limit to this special....
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