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Pork Steaks

A True St. Louis Favorite

If you are from St. Louis then you have enjoyed a backyard BBQ featuring the wonderful Pork Steak.  There is not much we need to say, you already know how good they are.  At Valenti's our pork steaks are cut fresh and have the right balance of meat and fat, perfect for grilling on the BBQ.

Valentis Fresh Pork Steaks:

valentis fresh pork steaksSaint Louis Style! Pork Steaks with classic Saint Louis BBQ sauce valentis meat market - fresh pork steaksThin or Thick cut Pork Steaks with your choice of BBQ sauce! Juicy pork steaks at Valentis Read more

Chicken Breasts

Chicken Breasts

Perfectly sized for any meal!

These fresh chicken breast are large,plump providing a great value for outdoor grilling, summer parties and family meals. Our chicken breast portions cook quickly and evenly and are easy to store and prepare. Each chicken breast is hand trimmed Prepared from USDA grade A poultry Individually wrappedThe perfect solution for your next meal...
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