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Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Perfectly sized for any meal!

These fresh bonless skinless chicken breast are large,plump and provide a great value for outdoor grilling, summer parties and family meals. Our chicken breast portions cook quickly and evenly and are easy to store and prepare.

Customer love our fresh boneless skinless chicken breast

Valentis fresh chicken breastEach Chicken Breast is hand trimmed Valentis fresh Grade A chicken breastPrepared from USDA grade A poultry Valentis Fresh Bonless Skinless Chicken BreasCan be Individually wrapped, The perfect solution for your next meal. Enjoy fresh boneless skinless chicken breast, great...
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Call Us Crazy – BBQ in January

Just saw the weather report for this weekend, unbelievable! Last weekend we were looking at record snows and temps, and this weekend (Sunday is the Pick Day) they are calling for mid-50's and sunny :) So, that leads us to the crazy part. Pull out that BBQ pit, fire it up, grab your favorite drink and have some great BBQ this Sunday. We have our Ground Chuck and Fresh Chicken Breast On Sale this weekend, both great for grilling.  Or if you are wanting to step it up you could go for a T-Bone, Valenti's Brats, and even the.....wait for it.......BBQ Pork Steaks, oh yeah!

We even have the sides

Make it even easier on yourself and...
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