Fresh Ground Chuck

Ground Chuck

We pride ourselves on the old-style butcher shop by giving personal service, superior quality selections and traditional offerings (something you don’t always get in a big grocery store). The “daily grind”; our fresh quality ground chuck, ground round and ground beef are prepared daily for the perfect burgers, spaghetti sauces or casseroles.

Three Tips to making the perfect burger

Tip 1: Because grilling burgers is so simple, the small steps make the difference. Start with the meat. Use Fresh ground chuck, period.  Come to Valenti’s a reputable source where the beef is ground daily; avoid prepackaged, preformed patties that offer uncertain flavor and texture.

Tip 2: Once you’ve got the beef, you have to form the patties, an important yet under appreciated step. Then work gently to make thin patties. If you really pack the burgers (particularly if you’re using leaner beef), they will acquire a dense, meatloaf-like texture. Thin burgers cook quickly and don’t ball up into fat pucks (heat tends to shrink the patties), plus you get a good balance of meat, toppings and bun in each bite. Gently press and stretch the patties, sprinkle them with a little salt, and make your way to the grill.

Tip 3: Time for more restraint. I understand the tendency to want to build a big ol’ fire. But big flames are no better for your basic burger than for most things on the grill: They char the outside before the inside cooks through. A moderate, steady fire is the way to go, as it will slowly guide the meat to the desired doneness. When you grill burgers, the less you fiddle with them the better. Leave them undisturbed for about 3 minutes so they get good grill marks and don’t stick. Flip and continue cooking, perhaps with one or two more flips, until they’re done to your liking.


Ground Chuck Cooking Ideas:

valentis fresh ground chuckGround Chuck Classic Italian Lasagna

valentis meat market - fresh ground chuckBlue Cheese Burgers made with Ground Chuck

fresh ground chuck at Valentisgood eats meatloaf – perfect with our fresh ground chuck

Valentis fresh ground chucksour cream noodle bake – made with ground chuck, kids will love it.


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